Monday, June 01, 2009

Smart Health Clinic

There is a big medical clinic in my town. The clinic has two floors and it’s clean. The walls are white. There is a nice garden at the front. There grow roses and sun flowers. The clinic also provides a large parking area.
It is Smart Health Clinic. The clinic is very busy. People with various diseases come to the clinic to have medical services. Some people get headaches, sore eyes, backaches, fever, etc.
There are some specialists working for the clinic. They are dentist, surgeons, internists, etc. some nurses help them to look after the patients. The doctors and nurses are kind. They are helpful and friendly. The people feel satisfied because the doctors examine them carefully.
Smart Health Clinic is equipped with many facilities like comfortable patient rooms, maternity wards, an emergency room, a laboratory, and an-X ray room. There are also dispensaries where we get medicines and there is a canteen, too.