Monday, June 01, 2009

My Cousin

My best friend is named Mirza, and he is also my cousin. Mirza and I are at the same age, but he is taller than I am. He has dark, curly hair and blue eyes. We study together in Kindergarten, elementary school and now in junior high school. We spend much time together, talking about problems in ourlives. We never have a fight. We always try to help each other. In junior high school, we enjoy playing a basket ball as an extra curricula activity. Mirza is also a good guitar player. Now, he practices playing guitar everyday because he wants to be a musician.

(Adapted from Basic Writing)

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  1. we can also use mind map to describe people, animal or place,it is very easy and simple. i think it's fun for our student, may be we can try it for the next meeting.